Dataset: Continuous Human Activities Utilizing Three Pulsed Radars Exploiting Multipath



The dataset consists of recordings showcasing multipath reflection for two out of three radars within a radar network. It utilizes the PulsON P410 - Time Domain radar by Humatics, operating as an Ultra Wideband radar. The dataset consists of 45 folders, organized for 14 participants, covering range-time data, micro-Doppler spectrogram data, and range-Doppler data. It includes 12 classes like 'Junk/BRN,' 'Walking,' 'Stationary,' 'Sitting down,' 'Standing up (Sit),' 'Bending (Sit),' 'Bending (Sta),' 'Falling (Wlk),' 'Standing up (Fal),' 'Falling (Sta),' 'Micro Gesture,' and 'Walking (Obj),' each characterizing specific movements or actions during three repetitions of 60 seconds of data recording. Further details can be found in the accompanying readme file.

Dataset parameters:

Continuous recorded data using a radar network of 60 sec
2 radars out of 3 radars provide multipath reflections
Ready to use radar data of:
range-time data
micro-Doppler spectrogram data
range-Doppler data
14 participants (7 male, 7 female)
12 classes of translation and in-place activities
Background noise recording included
Zenodo source and GitHub to read the files (code also included here)

Radar parameters:

Center frequency: 4.3 GHz
Bandwidth: 2.2GHz
Operation mode: Monostatic
Pulse integration Index: 10 (1024 coherent integrations)
PRI/PRF: 8.2ms / 122Hz
Antennae: Omnidirectional broadband antennas
Date made available1 Feb 2024
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData
Date of data production2024 -

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