Dataset Underlying: Quantifying Within-Individual Elbow Load Variability in Youth Elite Baseball Pitchers and Its Role in Overuse Injuries



Kinematic data (position data) of eleven baseball pitchers who performed 25 fastballs recorded with a VICON motion capture system. The pickle-files (version 4.0) contain the position data of a static anatomical reference posture ('STATIC') and a fastball pitch motion ('PITCH') the landmarks attached to our subjects according to the modified plug-in-gait model[1]. The anatomical landmarks of the static posture and pitch motion are organised in Python dictionaries containing pandas DataFrames (version 1.1.0) with the X, Y and Z coordinates. The data contains filtered and unfiltered preprocessed data. Also the calculated external valgus torques and ball speeds of each participant can be found here.
Date made available5 Sep 2023
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData

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