DIPS: Debug Intermittently-Powered Systems Like Any Embedded System - SenSys 2022 Artifact



Artifact for the SenSys 2022 paper: DIPS: Debug Intermittently-Powered Systems Like Any Embedded System.


Debugging and testing battery-free intermittently-powered systems is notoriously difficult. This is not only due to the additional complexity of maintaining state through power failures but also due to the lack of proper tools to test and debug these systems. As a solution, we present DIPS: a fully-featured hardware debugger for battery-free intermittently-powered systems capable of automatically verifying memory and peripheral state between power failures. Our solution seamlessly integrates an emulator allowing for emulation of any power scenario to the device under test. This allows our debugger to pause emulation and program execution when debugging or when state restoration issues are detected. Our new system is built around GNU Debugger (GDB): a widely-used debugging tool. Therefore, DIPS allows for a debugging process identical to state-of-the-art debuggers for continuously-powered devices. User studies found that our debugger is easy and intuitive to use. It allows embedded system developers to find bugs quicker in code written for battery-free devices. With our debugger we found unseen errors in state-of-the-art software frameworks for intermittently-powered systems.
Date made available7 Nov 2022

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