V1Quantum Demo, source code underlying the publication "QuIP: A P4 Quantum Internet Protocol Prototyping Framework"



Source code and instructions for reproducing the raw data and the evaluation plots of the paper "QuIP: A P4 Quantum Internet Protocol Prototyping Framework" submitted to the JSAC Special Issue on "The Quantum Internet: principles, protocols, and architectures". In the paper, an evaluation is performed to demonstrate the the QuIP framework by showcasing the V1Quantum architecture that is described in the paper. This dataset contains the exact copy of the Python framework source code as was used in the evaluation, instructions on how to download and install the exact versions of additional dependencies, and instructions on how to reproduce the simulations and evaluation plots. Additionally, the raw simulation data used to produce the plots included in the paper are also included for reference. Please refer to the README file in the zipped archive for further instructions.
Date made available10 Jan 2024
PublisherTU Delft - 4TU.ResearchData
Date of data production2024 -

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