Research Output


Power interrupt immune software execution

Yildirim, K. S., Majid, A. & Pawełczak, P., 2020, IPC No. G06F, Priority date 26 Jun 2018, Priority No. WO 2020/005058

Research output: Patent


Automatic seeding of an application programming interface (api) into a conversational interface

Kashyap, S., Rellermeyer, J. S., Rozner, E. J. & Schaub, J., 20 Jun 2019, IPC No. G06F17/30684 , G06F16/3344, G06N20/00, G06N99/005 , Patent No. US20190188317A1, 15 Dec 2017, Priority date 15 Dec 2017

Research output: Patent

Cooperative evidence gathering

Manweiler, J. G., Rellermeyer, J. S., Rozner, E. J. & Xenidis, J., 5 Feb 2019, IPC No. G06Q40/08, G01D5/00 , G06F19/328, G07C5/085, G16H40/20, G07C5/008, Patent No. US10198773B2, 11 Sep 2015, Priority date 11 Sep 2015

Research output: Patent


Joint Control of Computational RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy Motes

in 't Veen, I. J. G., Liu, Q. & Pawelczak, P., 2017, IPC No. G06K, Priority date 14 Sep 2015, Priority No. NL 2015432

Research output: Patent

Method and system for efficient access to spectrum database

Majid, A. Y., 13 Jun 2017, IPC No. H04W28/26; H04W72/04;, Priority date 27 Oct 2015, Priority No. NL2015668A

Research output: Patent

Process for Efficient Access to Spectrum Database

Amjad Yousef Majid, A. & Pawelczak, P., 2017, IPC No. H04W, Priority date 27 Oct 2015, Priority No. NL 2015668

Research output: Patent


Random number generation using a network of mobile devices

Osiecki, T., Rellermeyer, J. S. & Stephenson, M., 11 Oct 2016, IPC No. G06F7/588, Patent No. US9465583B2, 4 Oct 2013, Priority date 4 Oct 2013

Research output: Patent


Securely associating an application with a well-known entity

Bohrer, P. J., Dixon, C. K. & Rellermeyer, J. S., 29 Dec 2015, IPC No. H04L63/0823 , Patent No. US9225715B2, Priority date 14 Nov 2013

Research output: Patent


Hierarchical software locking

Ross, J., Aigner, R., Rellermeyer, J. S. & Loeser, J., 18 Jun 2013, IPC No. G06F9/526 , Patent No. US20120143838A1, Priority date 1 Dec 2012

Research output: Patent