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Anna Felden obtained a Ph.D. in Computational Fluid Dynamics from INP Toulouse, France in 2017, where she investigated various ways of modeling simplified chemistry in a compressible LES code. She then spent 5 years at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where her research revolved around the development of numerical methods to
tackle various PDE based problems (on both CPU and GPU), with particular emphasis on addressing pressing problems related to climate change: from pollutants and soot to ice-sheet dynamics.

At TU Delft, Anna’s research will revolve around hydrogen production from biomass, in the hopes of expanding the knowledge of (plasma-enhanced) thermal conversion processes in different reactor types, and for various feedstocks, using Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling. CFD has the potential to bring much needed insights to find optimal operating conditions for existing reactors, or even enable the design of new reactor concepts with scale up potential.