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I have contributed to advancement of zero-defect manufacturing within industrial sectors, specifically in forming and additive manufacturing. With my research background in mechanical engineering, materials science, and computational simulations, I am able to tackle complex challenges and provide innovative solutions at the intersection of technology and industry.

My current research focus is sustainable manufacturing using computational design and mechanics. I am interested in uncertainty quantification, surrogate modeling, Bayesian optimization and process optimization to enhance the sustainability of design and manufacturing processes.

Robust optimization and tailored scatter are my main research lines and I have developed Robustimizer GUI for industrial and academic partners:

Robustimizer is a software tool developed for robust optimization and uncertainty quantification. This cross-disciplinary research software provides an easy-to-use and cutting-edge platform for optimization under the influence of uncertainties.

Research interests

Sustainable manufacturing, Computational mechanics and materials science, robust optimization, uncertainty quantification, Advanced manufactring


  • TS Manufactures
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • TJ Mechanical engineering and machinery
  • Robust optimization


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