Accurate Body Temperature Measurement of a Neonate Using Thermography Technology

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One of the important measured vital signs in neonates is the body temperature. The traditional measurement uses adhesive pads, but medical staff are hindered by connectors attached to the infant. Remote infrared thermal imaging techniques provide a non-intrusive and safe method to measure body temperature. By means of the thermography technology, it is possible to monitor the variations and trends in the body temperature, which is more reliable, faster, less stressful than traditional methods. Measuring body temperature of a moving neonate remains a challenge. Moreover, factors like humidity, thermal lens forming through the incubator portholes, thermal noise from inside and outside the incubator, camera position and limited Field of View through the incubator portholes, etc. could disrupt a reliable measurement. This study will focus on developing a technique that measures neonates' body temperature accurately in an incubator. By eliminating unwanted external factors, continual measurement of a Region of Interest (ROI) become more feasible from which trends become available for the techniques like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Deep Learning. Moreover, this method reduces stress and discomfort for the infant. The outcome of this study is more accurate and the temperature profile of a geometric shapes or ROI over time provides a valuable input to the physicians or nurses to provide higher quality care.

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Title of host publicationProceedings of the Smart Systems Integration, SSI 2021
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Publication statusPublished - 2021
Event2021 Smart Systems Integration, SSI 2021 - Grenoble, France
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Conference2021 Smart Systems Integration, SSI 2021

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  • body temperature
  • incubator
  • infrared thermal imaging
  • neonates
  • temperature measurement
  • Thermography technology


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