Aeroacoustics of sawtooth trailing-edge serrations under aerodynamic loading

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The impact of aerodynamic loading on a serrated trailing edge is studied experimentally. Aerodynamic and acoustic measurements are conducted on a sawtooth-shaped trailing edge, retrofitted to a flat plate featuring a trailing-edge flap, and placed at incidence to the free-stream flow. The turbulent flow across the trailing edge is inspected by time-resolved three-dimensional velocity field measurements obtained from 4D-PIV, while the wall-pressure fluctuations are measured with surface-embedded microphones. Results discuss the relation between the velocity fluctuations over the serrations, the surface pressure fluctuations, and the far-field noise spectra. The aerodynamic analysis discusses the effect of counter-rotating vortex pairs, generated by the pressure imbalance across the edges of the serrations under loading. It is shown that the interaction of these vortices with the incoming turbulence affects the intensity of the wall-pressure spectrum at the outer rim of the serration surface. On the suction side, the intensity of the pressure fluctuations from the incoming boundary layer dominates over that induced by the vortex pairs. On the pressure side, instead, the velocity gradient prescribed by the vortex pairs produces a significant increase of the pressure fluctuations around the edges. The resulting spatial distribution of the wall-pressure fluctuations directly affects the far-field noise. Scattering predictions carried out with the wall-pressure fluctuations in the centre and root (on the suction side) exhibit good agreement with the measured noise in the low-frequency range, whereas using the surface pressure data at the tip of the serration (on the pressure side) yields a better prediction in the high-frequency range.

Original languageEnglish
Article number117202
JournalJournal of Sound and Vibration
Publication statusPublished - 2022


  • aeroacoustics
  • aerodynamic loading
  • streamwise vortices
  • trailing-edge serrations


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