cQASM v1.0: Towards a Common Quantum Assembly Language

N. Khammassi, G.G. Guerreschi, I. Ashraf, J.W. Hogaboam, C.G. Almudever, K. Bertels

Research output: Working paper/PreprintPreprint


The quantum assembly language (QASM) is a popular intermediate representation used in many quantum compilation and simulation tools to describe quantum circuits. Currently, multiple different dialects of QASM are used in different quantum computing tools. This makes the interaction between those tools tedious and time-consuming due to the need for translators between theses different syntaxes. Beside requiring a multitude of translators, the translation process exposes the constant risk of loosing information due to the potential incompatibilities between the different dialects. Moreover, several tools introduce details of specific target hardware or qubit technologies within the QASM syntax and prevent porting the code to other hardwares. In this paper, we propose a common QASM syntax definition, named cQASM, which aims to abstract away qubit technology details and guarantee the interoperability between all the quantum compilation and simulation tools supporting this standard. Our vision is to enable an extensive quantum computing toolbox shared by all the quantum computing community
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages8
Publication statusSubmitted - 2021


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