D6.2 Report on legal and policy arrangements in 28 member states Report

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This report has been compiled as part of the EU Horizon 2002 financed project RURALIZATION on ‘The opening or rural areas to renew rural generations, jobs and farms’ and have been prepared by members of the protect team. Access to land is one of the topics, which is addressed by considering, (1) legal and policy arrangements, (2) land holdings and land markets and (3) current and novel initiatives that provide access to land. The current report provides an overview of legal and policy arrangements in the EU Member States (including the UK) based on the work of national reporters2 who have, based on a questionnaire, provided information on the situation in different Member States. By this method a broad overview is provided. However, reporters may not always be aware of all initiatives in a member state over the whole width of relevant legal and policy arrangements, which means that certain relevant aspects may be missed. Issues that are addressed are the land tenure system, the public protection of farmland and a range of direct and indirect policy instruments.
Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 2021


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