Highlight selection of radiochemistry and radiopharmacy developments by editorial board

Jun Toyohara, Mohammed Al-Qahtani, Ya Yao Huang, Emiliano Cazzola, Sergio Todde, Shozo Furumoto, Renata Mikolajczak, Antonia Denkova, Yann Seimbille

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Background: The Editorial Board of EJNMMI Radiopharmacy and Chemistry releases a biannual highlight commentary to update the readership on trends in the field of radiopharmaceutical development. Main Body: This commentary of highlights has resulted in 21 different topics selected by each coauthoring Editorial Board member addressing a variety of aspects ranging from novel radiochemistry to first in man application of novel radiopharmaceuticals. Conclusion: Trends in radiochemistry and radiopharmacy are highlighted demonstrating the progress in the research field in various topics including new PET-labelling methods, FAPI-tracers and imaging, and radionuclide therapy being the scope of EJNMMI Radiopharmacy and Chemistry.

Original languageEnglish
Article number25
Number of pages18
JournalEJNMMI Radiopharmacy and Chemistry
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2022


  • Highlight Articles
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiochemistry
  • Radiopharmaceutical Sciences
  • Radiopharmacy
  • Trends in Radiopharmaceutical Sciences


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