How strategic is housing asset management of institutional real estate investors?

N Nieboer

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    In many European countries, government withdrawal from the housing market forces social landlords to act more and more like commercial real estate investors. As a consequence, there is a growing need among social landlords for a rationalised, financially sound real estate management. In this respect, commercial real estate investors, facing financial and market pressure for a long time, may be expected to be far ahead. From this commercial experience, we have investigated how real estate investors in the Netherlands decide about the physical and technical development and the tenure of their housing stock. The paper deals primarily with asset management, and also with the impact of portfolio management on asset management. Results show that investment allocations are only partly rationalised and are based in part on intuition. Although there may be good reasons for that, it leaves a lot of room for a more professional management.
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    JournalProperty Management
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    Publication statusPublished - 2005


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