LA.X Celebrating 10 years of Landscape Architecture Education: 2010/2011 - 2019/2020

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This book is about the first ten years of the master track in Landscape Architecture at the Department of Urbanism in the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at TU Delft. It delves into the personal, educational, didactical, organizational and, above all, substantive dimensions of the teaching of this appealing and highly relevant discipline at the academic level.

The book has three parts. The first part – PROFILE – discusses the context and events that led up to the development of the master track and influenced its further development – from the very first landscape architecture related appointments and initiatives in the 1940s to the first day in September 2010 when the programme began with seven participants, and on to the celebration of its tenth anniversary in 2021. Infographics show the numbers and profiles of the student population and illustrate the structure of the master curriculum.

The second section – WORK – contains snapshots of drawings, photos, collages and other graphic material produced by our students. The images are loosely grouped according to the five stages in the design process: exploring, understanding, conceptualizing, modifying and engineering the landscape. Interspersed with this kaleidoscopic variety of images you will find a series of short essays on key topics in landscape architecture education written by the present staff of the Landscape Architecture section.

Finally, at the end of the book you will find a few lists – PEOPLE – of all those involved: students, staff and guest lecturers. They are the ones who made and still make the master track such a wonderful community to belong to.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherTechnische Universiteit Delft, faculteit Bouwkunde
Number of pages250
ISBN (Electronic)978-94-6366-539-1
ISBN (Print)978-94-6366-539-1
Publication statusPublished - 2022

Bibliographical note

During the first 10 years of the master track Landscape Architecture Inge Bobbink was coordinator of the LA- master track (2010 - 2022).


  • landscape architecture education
  • master track


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