Safety professionals in the Netherlands

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The origin of occupational safety, as an area of main interest of the government, the industry, the unions, and scientists starts in the Netherlands at the end of the 19th century. Roughly in the same period occupational medicine becomes a separate domain. Only just after World War II are safety professionals organised in associations. Starting as a ‘Club/werkgroep van veiligheidsinspecteurs’ (Club/Working group of Company Safety Inspectors) in 1947, it changes in 1962 into the ‘Nederlandse Vereniging van Veiligheidstechnici, NVVT’ (Dutch Association of Safety Technicians). In 1978 there is another change into a professional association, and the ‘Nederlandse Vereniging van Veiligheidskundigen, NVVK’ (Dutch Association of Safety Professionals) is formed. In 1986 this association is transformed into a knowledge association, the ‘Nederlandse Vereniging voor Veiligheidskunde, NVVK’ (Dutch Association of Safety Science). Nowadays the NVVK is still a knowledge platform for and by safety experts in the Netherlands. The association is a network of 3000 safety experts in various disciplines and departments, and by far the biggest network of experts on working conditions in the Netherlands. The NVVK is actively involved in changes in legislation and regulations, and also represents the interests of members and safety experts in general. During these 71 years of organised safety professions, major changes in position and content have occurred.

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JournalSafety Science
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