Timewalk correction for the Timepix3 chip obtained with real particle data

S. Tsigaridas, M. V. Beuzekom, H. V.D. Graaf, F. Hartjes, K. Heijhoff, N. P. Hessey, P. J. de Jong, V. Prodanovic

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In this work we have developed a prototype gaseous pixel detector by combining a micromegas grid with a Timepix3 chip for the readout. The micromegas foil supported by a matrix of pillars about 50 μm high was manually placed on top the chip. By placing a cathode foil above the chip an ionisation detector was created with a drift gap of 13.5 mm. The Timepix3 chip, thanks to the simultaneous measurement of the time-of-arrival (ToA) and charge via time-over-threshold (ToT) allows corrections to remaining timewalk effects, improving further the position resolution along the drift direction. We present the timewalk correction for Timepix3 chip obtained with real data from a particle beam and its impact on the tracking performance. The results obtained show a significant improvement on the position resolution for single-hits and tracks along the drift direction compared to previous experiments.


  • Gaseous pixel detector
  • GridPix
  • Micro-pattern gaseous detector
  • Timepix3
  • Timewalk
  • Tracking

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