Venice and the lagoon: interdisciplinary design for a sustainable future: The Perfect Lagoon and The Symbiotic System

Luca Iuorio, D. Wüthrich, F.L. Hooimeijer, Lisanne Buis, Max Drainsma, Nils van der Ent, Joep van der Hagen, Lea Hartmeyer, Anna Kaletkina, More Authors

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Venice is representative of the result of anthropocene acts on a vulnerable delta system. Therefore it is an excellent study case for a multidisciplinary team of TU students and tutors, to perform interdisciplinary research and design. Two visions were developed on the shared knowledge base to investigate ‘how do flood defense systems influence the spatial aspects of the territory in the context of a high dynamic landscape in the Anthropocene? ’The plan for the Perfect Lagoon is focused on tackling all of the current and upcoming problems where the emphasis lies on preserving and perfecting the lagoon in its natural assets by introducing a new dike system that enforces the natural ecosystem. It makes smart use of the sediment flows and tackles erosion. The interdisciplinary design is especially worked out in the section of the dike, where dimensions and functionality are designed from a shared engineering and landscape perspective. The plan Symbiotic System emphasizes the interconnectedness of the Veneto region in a sustainable way. The new transport/dam system will make the urban system more smart, it will be less burdensome, and give more space to the natural ecosystem of the lagoon. Both visions are a testimony of how flood defense systems have a major influence in the spatial aspects of the territory. Using the multidisciplinary approach, an integral design can be made for the flood defense, in which the opportunities for the territory can be first explored and then designed together with hydraulic infrastructures.
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - 2023


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