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I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the Cognitive Robotics Department at Delft University of Technology, working with the Tactile Machines Lab led by Michaël Wiertlewski since December 2020. My research focuses on developing haptic feedback devices using ultrasonic vibrations to enhance touch-based interactions.

I have developed an innovative haptic device, the Ultraloop, capable of simulating virtual shapes such as bumps, holes, and buttons, which can be felt with the fingers. This technology enables the study of human responses to various haptic stimuli based on position, velocity, and specific events. My work aims to advance the development of surface haptic devices that facilitate human-robot interactions and deepen our understanding of human perception through touch.

My research contributes to potential applications in fields such as human-robot/computer interactions, virtual reality, and assistive technology, emphasizing the creation of more intuitive and tangible interfaces that mimic real-world touch sensations.


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