Integrated, Value-based and Multi-objective wind farm control powered by Artificial Intelligence

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AI-enabled wind farm control and asset management

In order to reach its decarbonisation targets, Europe will need to more than double its wind power capacity by 2030. To get there, coordinated wind farm control (WFC) and asset management technologies can help significantly, as they optimise operation for cost, performance, and efficiency while also considering environmental and societal aspects. Additionally, given the urgency of growth implied by these ambitious targets, AI and other digitalisation technologies are essential accelerators and key enablers for better process control. The EU-funded TWAIN project plans to accomplish efficient deployment of AI in WFC and asset management. It will support wind farm owners and operators in optimised decision making by integrating multi-source and multi-format data, multidisciplinary processes, multiple objectives, and multi-level controllers and scenario analysis.
Effective start/end date1/11/2331/10/27


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