Lecture Notes on Quantum Electrical Circuits

Alessandro Ciani, David P. DiVincenzo, B.M. Terhal

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During the last 30 years, stimulated by the quest to build superconducting quantum processors, a theory of quantum electrical circuits has emerged, which is called circuit quantum electrodynamics or circuit-QED. The goal of the theory is to provide a quantum description of the most relevant degrees of freedom. The central objects to be derived and studied are the Lagrangian and the Hamiltonian governing these degrees of freedom. Central concepts in classical network theory such as impedance and scattering matrices can be used to obtain the Hamiltonian and Lagrangian description for the lossless (linear) part of the circuits. Methods of analysis, both classical and quantum, can also be developed for nonreciprocal circuits. These lecture notes aim at giving a comprehensive, theoretically oriented, overview of this subject for Master or PhD students in physics and electrical engineering.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherTU Delft OPEN
Number of pages170
ISBN (Electronic)978-94-6366-815-6
ISBN (Print)978-94-6366-814-9
Publication statusPublished - 2024

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  • superconducting electrical circuits
  • circuit-QED
  • quantum computing
  • Josephson junction
  • quantum information


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